Saturday, 10 August 2013

Put your sack on!


Sometimes we try to delay things. We delay them so much that in the end we do not even realise how the time had passed. That's what happened to myself, to my blog.
Maybe moving to England was a bigger step than I expected, or maybe I was focusing too much on "the other things", but I must confess that the absence of blogging made me realise that having a blog, keeps you aware of who you are emotionally, artistically, or whatever. A blog is a creative diary, an evidence of your thoughts, feelings and dreams. Sometimes, I like to look back at when it all started and see how much I have grown. I regret that in the last months I have done so many wonderful things that I didn't share with you. 
But, here I am again, hope you missed me, cause I did miss you.

Ever since I was a little girl, my sister always told me that whatever I wear I'm beautiful, and I still don't believe her, haha. Yet, she's my sister and she loves me, probably that's why she says that I could even wear a sack and still look wonderful, and so came the inspiration for this dress.
On a summer day, it's the only thing I would want to put on me. A loose dress in which I can move freely. 

Usually,  it's almost impossible for me to give up on the things I create, but being a designer it's all about that, isn't it?! So, there you go.

blue leather necklace - 30 lei
sack dress - 70 lei 


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