Sunday, 17 November 2013

the naked truth about soup.

You might think I have a biannual blog and I can't blame you as I make my presence felt once a season, during summer and fall. I have quite a few university projects going on at the moment...I'm making a garment inspired by WW1, and working on a promotional package for a creative brief on Diversity. Also, I am starting to apply for internships, as the beginning of my placement year within the fashion industry gets closer and closer. Honestly, sometimes I feel like things happen or need to happen so fast that I forget what day is, what month and sometimes even what year...There's only Now.

Even so, from time to time, I take care of myself, like a caring mother and I make soup. Yeah, you read right, I said soup.

Since I had the most amazing "naked" soup in Glasgow, I couldn't stop thinking of a creamy carrot I asked my lovely landlord to buy me a blender and I said that I'll folow Jamie Oliver's recipe and give it a try. I ended up by mixing various recipes and in the end none. And the result was magnifiqué!

Creamy carrot, sweet potato and orange soup:

I bet you know the excitement and delight of a new discovery, well after cooking this, I wanted more so I thought of this:

Broccoli and cauliflower cream soup

Still, I realised there's only one soup I could never get bored of and that's chicken and home made noodles soup.I will keep in my heart forever that taste and smell from my childhood, when my grandma was cooking chicken soup and cutting the home made egg noodles. I miss those days, and I miss her.

I bought egg noodles, chicken, flavours and all that jazz, but even so....I think it will never have the same taste.

At least, no matter how I make it, I know that I will always do something like her, cook with love. And that's why soup makes me so happy.

Rule 19th on the poster on my wall says "Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.".
 Dalai Lama really knew what he was saying.

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